Bowtech: The original Bowen Technique
The Bowen Technique (developed by Tom Bowen in Australia) has been amazingly successful for many years and is therefore highly prized in certain areas, but is still largely unknown to many people.
This is probably because the body consciousness is largely based on the technically and chemically determined 19th and 20th centuries.

Tom Bowen - I see him as a visionary - understood the body as a fine vibrating system.
Since we "endure" a lot in everyday life: the shaking of a means of transport or a tool and also can work physically powerful - this access via fine vibrations is hardly understandable - but experience shows: It works!

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For the time of treatment, I prepare a relaxed, pleasantly tempered room.
The gentle "moves" at specific parts of the body alternate with pauses of about 2 minutes, during which the body opens more and more, the impulses continue to oscillate and the systems can re-regulate and align.
A deep relaxation can happen. (During parasympathetic condition the body-systems can do digestion and regeneration, recovery and build up of reserves.)
The well-defined sequences of the „moves“ are based on topics, wishes and perceived tensions. They are shaped like a network by T. Bowen and are dependen on each other.
After the treatment, I recommend a walk of 15-20 minutes. So the aftereffects improve and you can become more aware of your new body feeling.

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