The health and massage studio

Schultern Massage
is conveniently located on the outskirts of Munich in the "Messestadt", see » Directions, Transportation & Parking.
From the Munich fair location you can reach it in 10 minutes by foot.

Our room is simple and functional.

Whether on the massage table
or in the yoga swing relaxed on your back
or even hanging upside down -
You are welcome.

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Depending on your needs, we use the following massage oils and essences from Nextamed:
St. John's wort oil
Poppy-seed oil
Spruce needle oil
Bitter star
Dorn Complex
Guardian angel

We recommend for your daily use:
Alkaline baths, foot baths, wraps with Alkaline Bath Salts, e.g. by P. Jentschura.

RückGrad e.V.

Andreas Döhrer ist Ganzheitlicher Gesundheitsberater und DORN-Massagepraktiker
Mitglied im RückGrad e.V.
Berufs- und Selbsthilfeorganisation für ganzheitliche Gesundheit

Ich möchte Sie darauf hinweisen, daß ich kein Heilpraktiker, Arzt oder Physiotherapeut bin.